With a devoted attention to detail, Rosie Navi is well-known for combining traditional elegance with a modern sensibility. Bringing these elements together epitomizes Rosie's fresh, spirited and timeless designs and establishes her signature style.

As an experienced designer, Rosie's attention to detail integrating architecture and interior elements brings the art of design to life. Her philosophy of not being attached to a specific style has allowed her to achieve a unique way of incorporating traditional charm with contemporary aesthetics in her designs.

Through the use of new approaches, materials and rare elements, Rosie is dedicated to creating innovative interiors for clients. By combining colors, textures and fabrics, she is able to create a distinctive and unique approach that has become her established style. She believes that fine interior design incorporates the right scale and proportions as well as a harmony of elements achieved through the balance of variety and unity. Rosie works with her team of local craftsmen to create unique pieces for each project ensuring that each of her clients receives a distinct and individualistic look. Rosie welcomes her clients to be involved with the design process by carefully listening to their desires and spending a significant amount of time with them so that her work reflects the client’s specific lifestyle.

Rosie received a bachelor's degree of Fine Arts from California State University Northridge as well as an Interior Architectural Design degree from Santa Monica College. Through her studies, Rosie worked with influential interior design firm Poet Design where she gained invaluable experience. She continued her career with renowned designer, Deborah Goldstein, where she was influenced by creative and challenging design aspects, which ultimately inspire Rosie’s timeless and elegant style today.

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